NEVS BBQ was created by chefs that love great BBQ and developed this concept to deliver only the highest quality prepared meats, chef inspired side dishes, award winning sauces and unique dressing selections that’ll have you yearning for more.

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Our founders were chefs at some of the highest caliber fine dining concepts in the country.  Combined with a love of BBQ and a few tours around the BBQ capitals of the United States, one defining characteristic stood out, all the care was given to the meats but what about the complimentary items that complete a true dining experience.

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  • "Meat products should always be thoroughly cooked. You can have any color providing it's not black"Henry Ford / 17.2014
  • "Always wear something sensible when cooking at the barbecue"Lady Godiva / 17.2014
  • "BBQ’ing is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration"Thomas Edison / 17.2014
  • "Intelligence is something we are born with. BBQ’ing is a skill that must be learned"Edward de Bono / 23.2014
  • "It is better to have burnt and lost, then never to have barbecued at all"William Shakespeare / 23.2014