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About Us

Barbecue means slow cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time. It also means an event or gathering in which people come together and celebrate. At NEVS BBQ you get both. Barbecue is about good times, friends and definitely the food!

We’re always smoking! That’s our motto at NEVS BBQ. The unmistakable aromas and tastes of hickory & mesquite wood smoke infused into our meats, the specialty blend of spices used to impart complimentary flavors, the low temperature and the proper time it needs to reach the peak of deliciousness is the key to our mouth-watering BBQ. Even if it takes 16 hrs!! We take barbeque seriously and though we take our sweet time preparing it, we’ll serve it to you fast! That’s why we chose BBQ – ‘cause it Better Be Quick! From our Carolina inspired pulled pork to the tender, aged, corn-fed brisket that’s wrapped up and put to bed just like in Texas, every bit of our meats are rubbed and smoked imparting only all natural flavors, never any gas. NEVS BBQ was created by chefs that love great BBQ and developed this concept to deliver only the highest quality prepared meats, chef inspired side dishes, award winning sauces and unique dressing selections that’ll have you hankering for more.

Our Culture:

Southern C.H.A.R.M. – Cleanliness, Hospitable, Accurate, Rapid, Memorable

Make it a Great shift!  The cornerstone of our success, if a guest only has a good experience then we missed the opportunity for it to be a great experience.  And with a range of competition for people to choose, we strive for a complete experience every time.

Authentic is NEVS BBQ.  We allow the time for our meats to smoke up to 18 hours, you better believe we take the time to prepare our chef inspired sides from scratch in the restaurant on a daily basis.

Innovation – while some chains have a recipe for expansion, our success lies in a recipe for improvement.  From equipment to service, ingredients to new menu creations, opportunity for innovation is what drives our engine.

Hospitality – the very definition of our industry; the friendly and generous southern charm of our staff will entertain all our guests, visitors or strangers. When you choose NEVS BBQ that’s our goal; a warm reception, friendly service, and a little entertainment.  We believe after one visit that stranger will become neighbor.