The Piglet$8

pulled pork dressed in NEVS sauce.

The NEVS Original$9

pulled pork with coleslaw dressed in NEVS sauce.

Texas Brisket$9.5

sliced brisket dressed in NEVS sauce

Burnt Ends$8.5

chopped brisket & pulled pork with house-made pickles in NEVS sauce.

Texas Sausage$8.5

sliced sausage dressed in NEVS sauce.

Salads & Chili

Ultimate Wedge$7

baby iceberg, homemade blue cheese dressing,apple wood smoked bacon, green onion, julienned tomato.

Smokehouse Salad$7

mixed greens, smoked tomato and onion vinaigrette, crumbled blue cheese, dried cranberry, toasted pecans.

The NEVS Original$7

bibb lettuce, homemade ranch, carrots, cucumber, julienned tomatos, homemade croutons.

Commando Chili$7

NEVS family recipe passed down from his father.


Texas Brisket$8

Pulled Pork$8

Black Pepper Sausage$8


Country Coleslaw$3

Potato Salad$3

Baked Brisket Beans$3

Horseradish Pickles$3

Steak Fries$3

Apple Sauce$3

Kids Menu

Nevs Slider$5

Nevs Sausage Dog$5

Commando Chili$5